Patrick Uguccioni

Patrick grew up in Carlsbad Springs.

He lives in Orléans with his wife and two children.

After graduating from Gloucester High School Patrick studied journalism at Algonquin College.

After more than a decade as a reporter and editor with several award winning community newspapers in the region, Patrick became a communications and policy advisor to local MPP Garry Guzzo.The former City of Ottawa councillor was one of the early proponents of amalgamating the 11 municipalities and region into one city.

Patrick was later chief of staff to city councillor Jim Bickford in the old City of Ottawa.

Following amalgamation, Patrick moved on to the communications department of the City of Ottawa working in several capacities over 15 years, the last almost decade in issues management and crisis communications.

In that role, he worked on different projects that shaped the city including the Official Plan that drew the boundaries of the city’s future growth, the Transportation Master Plan that moved the city from a reliance on bus rapid transit to light rail, and the Solid Waste Management Plan that saw a shift to bi-weekly garbage pick-up.

Patrick also spent time as press secretary and policy director to former Mayor Larry O’Brien.During his tenure the map was drawn for the east-west light rail and the re - development of Lansdowne Park and an expanded downtown convention centre approved.

Three years ago Patrick partnered with a publisher to start a chain of community newspapers in the west end of the city that have grown to a circulation of 65, 000 and is read by close to 200, 000 individuals and business owners.