Patrick Uguccioni

Hi, I am Patrick Uguccioni.

I’m a Dad, a husband and a journalist by profession.

I grew up in the rural part of this ward in Carlsbad Springs with my Mom and Dad and six brothers and sisters on Farmer’s Way. We played soccer on the open fields and skated on the frozen ponds and creeks in the winter.

I attended Ramsayville Public School and Gloucester High School and graduated from Algonquin College with a Journalism Diploma.

I love this community and that is why my wife and I chose Orléans to live, work, play and raise our two children.

For the past three years I have grown a small community newspaper chain into a successful small business in this city. Before that, I spent almost three decades as a journalist and communications advisor to a local member of provincial parliament, a city councillor and mayor and in the communications department of the City of Ottawa.

I would love the opportunity to be Your Voice on Ottawa city council.

There are three areas I would like to focus my energy on:

  1. How we move around. That’s a commitment to better local bus service, an investment in our roads and our pedestrian and cycling networks.
  2. How we grow is a concern and ensuring we build those connected 15-minute communities we all want.
  3. I will fight to support job growth in the east end and keep rural Cumberland as part of greater Orléans.

These are my priorities if you give me the opportunity to serve you.

I ask for your support and your vote on October 5.